The ‘Bhagats’

It might be a strange coincidence but this name has lot of power to change the thinking, at least personally at my micro level.

During childhood, of all the freedom fighters that i read about, ‘Bhagat Singh’ had an impact on my mind and he was my obvious role model. I used to get goosebumps whenever i read some article based on him. In the year 2009, when film was released on my hero, i made it sure that i watched it over 100 times without missing a single dialogue. What a 20 odd year old boy could think was truly unimaginable and his   vision is a reality today. I still remember on dialogue where he had said, if freedom was achieved just for the sake of achieving it, ‘Gore babu chale jayenge par unki jagah kaale babu aa jayenge’ meaning Britishers would go away but the people who occupy their places will be no different and the exploitation of the poor will still go on. Precisely, 65 years after independence, this is what is going on in India….

Bhagat Singh ji…. my childhood hero

my current hero.. Chetan Bhagat

Today, we have one more Bhagat…. Chetan Bhagat….. who is a revolutionary in his own sweet way. He fiction novels had a clean flow of thoughts with simple language. In fact  I personally, started reading only after ‘Five Point Someone’ and without fail I read all his books published. Like a crazy movie fan would like to watch ‘First Day First Show’, I used to wait for release of Chetan’s writings and have finished reading all the books released till date. Of course, thanks to the initiative taken by ‘The times of India’, readers like me get a chance to read his mind on practical Indian problems in today’s date on weekends. His latest book, “What Young India Wants” should be made mandatory for every individual for reading….. He has solutions for micro and macro level.

Chetan Sir, I do not know if I can ever get a chance to meet to lifetime but I started reading because of you and have a collection of more than 100 books now. All fiction, preferably Indian authors (not biased but I prefer Indian writing). And from last one year, my vocabulary has given me strength to write few phrases in rhythmic language in form of poems. Further, I have just started writing short stories. You have all the credits for my writings (I even do not know whether I am worth mentioning your name).

May be your second name has given you all the strength to carry the flame of  Being Indian among youth and the youth do not follow you blindly, it is your quality that provides them faith to follow you.

One thing for sure, you are Icon…. a light-house and we all look forward to your writings!!!